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July 28, 2008


Jim Fields

Hi Phil, being a story teller type myself, can't help but take on the defense of the primal and very human need to tell and hear stories. Okay, maybe stories aren't the real representation of the universe but then again, maybe without STORY there IS no universe. Kind of a Phil K. Dick sorta thing. I dunno. It's possible. Point is, to me, there's nothing more primal to human nature and to what we are and to our condition than narrative. We can no more reject it than Sex and Love. And I find, as in your example, there's a real core of truth to almost all stories in SOME way: allegorical or even factual. So it's both a profoundly useful gift to have AND a bit of hazard (as in religious narratives taken literally and malicious gossip). It is good to be mindful that stories ARE stories and not always to be taken literally.

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