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September 03, 2008



Have you filed any FOIA appeal to the 29 pages withheld?

If not, why not?


3200, thanks for your note. No, I didn't appeal the withheld pages. This was one of the first FOIA requests I made and I didn't know any better. My appeal window has long since passed (you only have 60 days), but I urge you to request the file and then appeal if you're interested in them.

BTW, 10 of the 29 withheld pages were not so much withheld as sent to the Department of Energy, which was supposed to review them and then send them directly to me. Instead DOE seems to have either lost them or sat on them for more than a year. After repeated phone calls DOE now says they are on the case but gave no estimate of when I might get the pages.


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