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June 01, 2011


Dr. Shafer

I fondly remember attending this convention when I was 20 years old. I hitchhiked 3000 miles from the SF Bay Area to NYC for it, got a small, dank room in the Hotel Diplomat to crash at, and still have my original black "Lone Ranger" mask. The convention was a kind of revelation, in that phreaking, when I got into the year before, was a pretty isolated activity with plenty of paranoia to go around.

When I walked into the ballroom, there were several hundred phreaks there, all freely having fun, and I felt like it was kind of a weird techno homecoming of sorts. One thing I remember about the goings-on at the convention was a kind of attractive girl dressed up as a payphone, and I asked if I could drop a few quarters in her slot (nudge, nudge, wink, wink). She laughed, but would not allow me to make a long distance call. Maybe she was implying I should use my blue box, instead.


That's pretty amazing stuff. I had no idea they were holding phreak conventions back in the 70's. I always thought those started up in the mid-80's or something. Don't suppose there are any pictures from these conventions.

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